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Webhosting Plans

Thanks for your interest in XLAN. Please take a moment to explore the variety of plans we offer. In addition, take a look at the various types of software we support.

If you decide to place an order you can use our online order system or contact us. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and checks.

Individual Accounts

  • Basic Account - $9.95
    The basic account is a perfect account for those on a budget. This account does not come with a database though, so it can not support many types of discussion software.
  • Lite Database Account - $12.95
    The Lite Database account is our entry level database account. This account is perfect for playing around with scoop or setting up a website with a bulletin board.
  • Database Account - $19.95
    The database account is a modest account designed for those who require a database and wish to host multiple websites. This account supports the same kind of software as the lite database account.
  • Super Account - $24.95
    The super account provides the most amount of domains and gives you your own apache process. Having your own apache process is useful if you need to host an application requiring mod_perl or you want to modify scoop

Resale Accounts

Account Comparison

Account Mailboxes DB Scoop Domains Apache Disk mb Bandwidth Cost (mo/year)
Basic 5     1   75 3gb $9.95 / 109.95
Lite Database 5 X X 1   200 5 $12.95 / 139.95
Database 10 X X 5   350 10 $19.95 / 219.95
Super 50 X X 10 X 500 20 $24.95 / 269.95
Resale Lite 50 X X 10 X 2000 50 $99.95 / 1095.95
Resale Super 500 X X 100 X 5000 200 $219.95 / 2295.95

* To conserve address space, IP addresses are assigned by request only






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