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Note: If you need help setting up Microsoft Outlook Express, please visit their how-to guide.

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Basic Help

How do I get my own URL?

How do I build a web site?

How can I check my web site after I've built it?

How can I get my web site listed in search engines?


Scoop Links


A scoop site discussing scoop.

Scoop Administrators Guide

This is the documentation that comes with scoop.   It will explain how to design your site using scoops template and box features.

Scoop Box Exchange

A collection of boxes for scoop.  Boxes are basically compiled perl programs that get ran every time a page is viewed.  All the panels on the right of photographica are examples of boxes.  If you know perl, you can do a lot of cool things to scoop.

Help With Perl

Scoop is written in perl.  If you plan to add cool new features to scoop, you need to learn to write in perl.  If you know how to program, this is not so hard.  A online tutorial can be found here, but you really need to get the O'Reilly book Programming Perl and Learning Perl.

SQL Database Help

Database Design For Mere Mortals

This is an excellent reference for those with no experience creating a database.  While it does not go into any specifics about how to call databases from PHP or use SQL, it serves as an excellent starting point for learning how to properly design an efficient, bullet proof database.


The official documentation on how to call MySQL from PHP.

Perl & MySQL

The official documentation on how to call MySQL from Perl.

Other Links

A collection of links related to linux and weblogs

phpBB Users Guide

The users guide for phpBB.  Shows how to configure your phpBB software.

Gallery Users Guide

Help using the Gallery software

SSH Clients:

Name Platform(s) Cost
PuTTY Windows Free!
SecureCRT Windows $99
NiftyTelnet SSH Macintosh Free!
MacSSH Macintosh Free!


FTP Clients

Name Platform Cost
CuteFTP Windows $39.95
BulletProof FTP Windows $29.95
LeechFTP Windows Free!
Fetch Macintosh $25.00
transmit Macintosh $24.95



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